Corporate Tax Compliance


Typically, Corporate Tax Compliance services include providing assistance:

  • In completing tax returns and supporting computations and schedules;
  • With calculating capital allowances/ tax allowances;
  • With supplementary reports, for example, supporting transfer pricing submissions;
  • Providing specific claims, elections and applications, for example, in the area of research and development;
  • In dealing with all tax authority enquiries in a careful and intelligent way;
  • Advice on tax return filing deadlines, tax payment deadlines and other important dates;
  • In dealing with assessments, objections and appeals;
  • With the corporate and deferred tax audit provisions, and reconciliations, required for your financial statements under FIN 48 / IAS 12 or other applicable standards;
  • With corporate tax compliance planning and management of your group or company’s effective tax rate;
  • Obtaining refunds and credits.